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  • Besoin de plus d'espace pour faire une grande première impression? Choisissez parmi notre sélection de cartes de visite pliées pour une apparence captivante avec style.

    Chaque carte a quatre pages où vous pouvez ajouter des informations personnelles, un logo, un slogan et bien plus encore. Laissez libre cours à votre créativité et impressionnez avec des mises en valeur visuelles et une magnifique mise en page en plein couleur.

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Dimensionnez votre image à la taille de fond perdu pour vous assurer que votre arrière-plan s'étend jusqu'au bord de la carte.

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Types de Fichiers TIF, PSD, PDF, PNG, JPG, EPS ou AI (Ver. 9 ou plus récent)
Résolution 300 dpi
Cartes de visite pliées
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    • Designs de cartes de visite individuelles premium

      Choisissez parmi une abondance de magnifiques modèles professionnels, créés par nos talentueux designers. Personnalisez-en un et exprimez votre vision, réalisée et imprimée de manière experte, pour que tous puissent la voir. Revenez souvent sur notre page, car nous la mettons constamment à jour avec de nouveaux modèles.

      Parcourir la galerie complète de modèles

      Folded Business Cards Printing

      Print and design attractive folded business cards online

      Folded business cards are a creative and handy advertising medium. They have an unusual shape that makes them stand out from ordinary ones, as well as giving you plenty of space for your information or visual accents with this format! Order premium quality folded business cards from OvernightPrints - your online printing shop for the best print quality.

      Why folded business cards?

      Folded business cards are so much more than just regular business cards – they will raise curiosity and attract attention. Folded business cards give you the opportunity to put your company information in two languages and provide contact options for each service or product offered. You can also display multiple services on one page which will allow potential clients to see all of your services at once. The folded Business Cards will never go out-of date and will always stand out from the crowd.

      Available in portrait or landscape format.

      Benefits of portrait format:

      ✓ Unique

      ✓ Suitable for the creative industry

      ✓ Leaves scope for innovative designs

      Benefits of the landscape format:

      ✓ Can also be read in cases or scroll registers

      ✓ Practical for everyday use

      ✓ Corresponds to European reading standards

      Full color printing is a great way to present logos and images in the best resolution. With so many design templates available, you can make sure that each individual masterpiece matches its´counterparts perfectly! The premium 350g cardboard ensures durability even in messy situations. The large surface area provides room for displaying substantial information while still being compact enough not to be bulky or take up too much space in your wallet.

      What to consider when designing custom folded business cards?

      A folded business card has a size of 170mm x 54mm in the open format. However, when preparing the print data, pay attention to the trimming edge and the minimum resolution of 300dpi so that all important information can be found and read on the folded business card even after cutting. Before you get started on the creative design, you should first determine whether the map should be aligned horizontally or vertically.

      If you want to be sure everything is printed in the correct format, simply use one of our business card templates. Should you still have any questions, our competent customer service will be happy to help you telephone, e-mail or Live Chat.

      Easy steps to your individual folded business card in our online shop

      Browse our professional templates and choose from one of many professionally designed cards that are ready for production.

      Follow the simple instructions: Click on "Upload Finished Design". Choose your design for the outer and inner sections according to the specifications. After uploading, you will have the option of high-gloss coating both for the outside and inside (also separately). There is a choice of Spot UV finish or irreversible write-on surface for added convenience. Select the desired quantity and place your designed folded business cards in the shopping cart. Proceed as specified in the online shop and complete the order using the payment methods and provide the shipping address.

      What size and format are available for folded business cards?

      Folded business cards are made in the standard dimensions of a business card. The dimensions are limited to 85mm x 54mm when folded. The printable area refers to 170mm x 54mm per side. When folded, the business cards fit easily into standard wallets. The dimensions are standard formats for business cards in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

      What paper does OvernightPrints use for folded business cards?

      Our folded business cards are printed on the durable 300g or 350g cardboard with premium finishing options for both sides. The high gloss coating provides thickness and durability and adds high-end look.

      How are folded business cards printed?

      The folded business cards are produced at OvernightPrints using offset printing and a flat printing process. The entire surface can have either UV Gloss coating or Spot UV finishing. Spot UV is usually used to emphasize your company logo or other important information. The inner part can be left uncoated for making notes. The full-color printing on the durable cardstock ensures high-quality and lasting impression.

      How long does it take to print folded business cards?

      The production time for folded business cards is usually two working days. You should add additional 1 – 3 working days for shipping. If you need your folded card quickly, we offer express service for an additional fee and your custom folded business cards will be ready to ship within 24 hours. Please note that production cannot take place on Saturdays and Sundays.